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  • We provide fully-customized user-friendly websites for Silent Auction Bidding, Capturing Donations, and Submitting Raffle Tickets.

  • Design an astonishing website with your own branding, design, and story.

  • Websites can easily be shared via email campaigns, text messages, and social media.

  • Add hundreds of auction items, images, and descriptions with ease.

  • This is a web-based program – no app download required!

  • 24/7 Support from the start to finish of your event.

Dedicated Website

Auction Features

Seamless Checkout

  • Auction and raffle participants receive instant notifications once they've won an item.

  • Winners pay directly from their phone, computer, or with an account rep (onsite events only). 

  • Winners receive instant payment confirmation.

  • Flawless redemption process for winning items.

  • Shipping options available for tangible items.

  • 24/7 Support from the start to finish of your event.

Auction Features

  • Maximize profitability with our mobile and online auctions. 

  • Ideal for onsite and virtual auctions ( or a hybrid of both! )

  • Add hundreds of auction items, images, and descriptions with ease.

  • Users bid easily from their phone, pc, or tablet. 

  • Bidders place bids from anywhere and need not be present at your event.

  • Bidders receive instant text message notifications once they are outbid or win items.

Raffles Made Easy

  • Sell raffle tickets online to boost revenue.

  • Donors purchase and submit tickets easily from their computer or mobile device. 

  • Add hundreds of raffle items, images, and descriptions with ease.

  • Purchase raffle tickets from anywhere and need not be present during your event.

  • Winners receive instant text message and email notifications upon conclusion of the raffle


  • Create the easiest donation process for your cause!

  • Setup an online donation page with a text-to-give campaign for and begin raising money immediately.

  • Create custom levels of contribution and goals with ease.

  • Donations are instant with results posted in real-time.

  • Easily share your campaign page to increase reach and collect donations from a larger audience.

  • Generate increased proceeds through recurring donations.

Online Auctions & Mobile Bidding

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Auctions, Raffles, Fund-a-Need & Ticketing

Need to streamline your event?

Contact us today to discuss how our online auctions and mobile mobile bidding apply to your next event. 

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Sell Tickets

  • Event ticketing is available to build proceeds and streamline bidder registration.

  • Create custom ticket types including individual tickets, ticket bundles, VIP tables, and sponsorships. 

  • Our fundraising solutions integrate with our ticketing platform, allowing your guests to buy event tickets and donate simultaneously.

Always Communicating

  • Guests receive instant push notifications upon completion of ticket sales, bringing them to your event page to begin donating immediately.

  • Our built-in social media and emailing tools allow ticket buyers to share and help promote your event instantly! 

  • As admins, enjoy Instant Analytics.

  • Experience real-time access to your event's sales performance and ticket buyer data. Find the information you want, when you want it!

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